Driving slow on sunday..afternoon and I never want to leave

Well it’s another Sunday afternoon here at The Lan Mine desperately trying to not let my customer service skills slip too much. I don’t understand why in a job where I have so little to do, helping customers seems like a chore! It doesn’t make sense! I guess you just have to get into a positive frame of mind. Well I am feeling pretty seedy at the minute, went to Campbell Crt last night and had a few drinks with the man which was a bit quiet but fun.
I have one more essay to write before exams, it’s for International Economics. It’s on how the amount of protection (e.g. tariffs etc) for the Australian Manufacturing industry has declined and if its a good thing etc…which I will hopefully do tonight and some of tomorrow and then my exam study begins tomorrow as well…plus I have uni tomorrow night!…never ends. But in just 4 weeks my exams will be over and I will have 5 weeks off. I hope I don’t fail anything because that is really going to stuff everything up. I won’t finish uni in time and so will be re-doing subjects when I need a proper job to be able to pay off my loan next year, then if I fail more subjects its going to make it very hard for me to get a job anyway. I have already failed two and only one company has been interested. I have had about 20 knockbacks which is a bit disheartening.
Well the man has just left to go back to Melbourne, which is a bit sad but I went down to Melbourne on Thursday and brought him back for the weekend so that was pretty good. I won’t see him until after my exams now, which sucks but I guess I won’t be distracted.
This is going to be a long post because I haven’t written for a week, but very exciting news…Foo Fighters have a new cd coming out!! I listened to the first single “Best of You” just now and its unreal! You can listen to it here.
The album comes out in June hopefully I can download it early because some foo fighters would probably get me over the line for exams. Thats how much I like music! When I say download it early, its purely for the convienience of having it sooner, I will buy it when it is released no doubt about it.
I also made a impulse purchase of the first season of the O.C. which was ONLY $35!!!! woo hoo! I knows a bargain when I sees one! But I have surrendered the dvds to the man until exams are over. ..I have a lot to look forward to.
Because the chances of anyone reading this now are extremely slim, for anyone who is, I will let you in on a secret. This is very exciting. If by some fluke I pass all my subjects, my semester at uni will not be too bad in my next and last semester..then….get this….the world is my oyster! I will have finished uni, hopefully with a little luck I can get a job (in melbourne) with not too much trouble. Then the man and I have plans to move in together..I think. Which is pretty exciting…and a little daunting. But mostly exciting…

Well I think thats it for now,
I will let you know how the essay and exam study goes..or how it doesn’t go.


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One Response to Driving slow on sunday..afternoon and I never want to leave

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hah… why are you calling him the ‘man’ all of a sudden? And yes, the world WILL be your oyster after this year! And i’ll always be here to mooch free melbourne accomodation off you and your ‘man’. 😉

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