It’s that time…

Of the month!….which means I’m prone to tears unfortuantely. The good thing is (even if it did take me a few years to work out) is that there’s a pattern, which is a good because it means I can warn others (and myself) of the impending drama that will unfold in the next few days. I told myself on sunday, well you know you are going to be irrational and upset soon, but you know WHY. Is this making any sense? I suppose it seems a bit funny to everyone else out there but it used to be complicated trying to tell myself…”there is no reason for me to be crying everything is wonderful and anything that isn’t, really isn’t as bad as it seems”.

So I’m a bit fragile at the moment, and I’m really not feeling well with a sore throat and feeling just really worn out. I’ll be right tho

In more exciting news from the world of Jen…

I just checked my email and I’ve been accepted into the next stage of the Tax Office graduate program (psychometric tests etc) but the bad news is they have changed the job locations and they are only in Brisbane and Canberra.. at least this is what I thought until I re-read the email and this was for graduate IT officer positions, not ALL positions! So I have a test on the 13th of september which is really exciting! So it pays to read properly as I was considering withdrawing my application!

I got an email yesterday from a logistics place in Melbourne about a job I applied for and they said to contact them in January to arrange and interview.

Well turtle-lips is here to go to steak night…mmm steak. I am much cheerier now and ready for some steakity steak!

Will probably post back later today or tomorrow,

stay tuned,


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