What..the hell..is..going..on

Been listening to “hide and seek” by imogen heap. It’s from the last episode of season 2 of the oc. It’s a very good song. Besides Adam Brody and Mischa Barton the thing I love about the oc is the music. I was watching the special features on my dvd of S1 and the musical director was saying how her job is to look at the scenes and try and find a song (preferably new music) that fits it. I reckon they do a brilliant job, “hide and seek” is from the scene where the cars are coming around the coast after Caleb’s funeral, and at the end where Marissa has shot Trey. I’ve discovered a lot of songs from bands I’d never heard of from the oc, it’s great no more mainstream music for me, until they become mainstream like The Killers.

Well I’m pretty stressed out at the moment, I have an assignment which is absolutely killing me. It seems like everywhere contradicts itself. I have a job interview next friday which I suppose I should go and organise. Just thought I’d check in.


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