Reprise: going on?

Where are we? What..the…hell…is going on?

I lashed out at an idiot on the uni forums today who told someone who had planned on going to Bali in the coming weeks that they would probably be safe because they’ve been bombed now so it won’t happen again. Well that really got my goat because I’m pretty darn sure thats what the people who are over there holidaying now were probably thinking.

Obviously terrorism does strike twice in the same place.

I’m supposed to be going to Thailand in December and there are already DFAT warnings out for the lower parts of Thailand (we’re not going there and they aren’t advising against going there altogether), and DFAT warnings out for bird flu.

So it makes you a bit scared I suppose, its a crazy world we live in.

I read a lot of newspapers and watch a lot of news and so you hear a lot of sad things that go on like a teenager who was killed this week when a ute rolled on him. Its sad because you think how bad their family must be feeling right now, and with the first reported Australian death in the Oct 1 Bali Bombings a 16yr old..its just really terrible.

It’s nuts that the people who carry out these crimes think that they are doing the right thing. It seems like most terrorism incidents these days are carried out by suicide bombers, so they’d REALLY want to believe in what they are doing.

Anyway, not much else to report. Went out last night it was great, I danced, I drank and not feeling too bad today. Also caught up with my old housemate Tom with turtle-lips which was great.

Better finish this assignment.


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