"Everything is good for you..if it doesn’t kill you"

I started my exams today with my most dreaded subject, International Finance. Now don’t get me wrong, the SUBJECT is really interesting, it’s just that it has NUMBERS in it. Which I don’t do.

I see numbers and I freak out, just like I did in year 2 when my teacher brought out this ‘maths’ business. In kinder you don’t do a lot of maths and I think I was fine then, but come year one, I did hardly any. I was taught reading and writing (comprehension etc) but little maths. While my classmates in year two were happily circling their amounts of oranges and apples, I sat there dazed and confused…where were the writing books with the kookaburras on them? When was reading time? What do you MEAN if I circle 2 lots of 2 oranges I have 4?

From then on it was English good, maths bad. Thats the way it’s always been. It doesn’t matter that it’s only a ‘confidence thing’ because it definitely is. I proved that today.

Anyway so I have been studying really hard for this exam (my lecturer told me to STOP studying yesterday…which I DIDN’T) and I was glad I did (study hard). I hardly think you can be ‘overprepared’ for an exam (unless you are neglecting studying another subject).I got in and was happy to see the big mark question was what I had hoped and I was able to answer all the other questions with few problems.

In fact I had a problem where I needed to know the answer to something and had 2/3 variables so made myself up a little equation and bob was my uncle! (actually he is my father but shh). No dramas. A little confidence goes a long way. To you ‘maths’ or ‘normal’ people, its probably no big deal, but it is for me.

Tonight I had dinner with Dad, and have been in my room since, playing guitar. I am really starting to get the hang of ‘Cold Day in the Sun’ by the Foo Fighters and tonight started to learn the intro to ‘Kryptonite’ by 3 Doors Down which is fun, although I am a bit slow on it still.

So, tomorrow I’m back into it again with four days to study for my next exam…phew thats not long.

– Jen

Exam Countdown: x||||
Days till freedom: |||||||||

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