…..and I’ve been working like a dog

Originally uploaded by trojen_hoarse.

I don’t know about a hard days night because a hard days week would probably describe quite succinctly my first week at work.

I am E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D! Tomorrow after work I am going to Melbourne for the weekend to see the man. Apparently he is cooking us one of his magnificent roasts for dinner (he is easily the cook in our relationship) so that will be nice.

Luckily I am going with Ben and Rel because I started driving to work this morning (aiming to start at 8am) and my car decides that its finally had enough of kow-towing to me and my wants and needs in a motor vehicle and that it is going to make a significant enough of a grinding noise for me to NOT DRIVE IT TO WORK…and no I didn’t leave the radiator cap off!

So I took Dad’s ute, which is like or it is what I would imagine riding a white metal kangaroo to be like. It’s pretty fun bouncing along, and when I got home from work the doggies (seen above) were actually pleased to see me. Until I opened the door. Then their tongues stopped lolling out of their mouths and their delirious pleasure about seeing ‘Dad’ was replaced by looks of utter disgust (“ew its that girl again”).

I have to skip off to bed now because tomorrow I’m going into work with Mum (don’t worry I’m going to disguise myself as a bludger so people won’t think we are related) at 7am. I know! 7am!

– Jen

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