After all, in the end…just pretend

Firstly I have to apologise for the lack of updates. I’ve been really busy with work and have also started going to the gym after work which has made me really tired and I’ve felt less like thinking up something to post. I’m going to the gym purely to get fitter and I’m starting to see some difference. Don’t freak out everyone there is no chance of me losing weight what with my boss plying us with snickers bars and lollies on a daily basis and Tuesdays. Tuesday is steak night (beer, beer, steak and beer) usually followed by a visit to the ice-creamery. I guess I can count myself lucky Albury doesn’t have a Cold Rock or a Max Brenner’s otherwise I would be in real trouble.

Now THERE is something to write about. Max Brenners. Tony and Rae if you are reading this stay away from the south end of’s dangerous! The weekend before last I had the good fortune to have my first Max Brenner’s experience. I had a cup of venezuelan dark chocolate which tasted like I was drinking melted dark chocolate with a tiny bit of milk.
I’m sorry to say I couldn’t finish it. But I now know how Augustus Gloop felt like when he fell into the chocolate lake. The ‘hug mug’ made it all the better too! Basically its a mug with no handle that you grip with two hands (it is oval shaped) and you just drink out of like you would if you were drinking out of a beer stein with two hands.
I hope that made sense.

The above just goes to show why I’m going to the gym. I still believe as long as you balance your outgoings (exercise) with your ingoings (eating) then you can’t go too far wrong (and EVERYTHING is alright in moderation). It just means that in order to be able to produce ‘outgoings’ you need to eat properly. Its no good trying to run 5kms of an afternoon if you had a salad for lunch. It just doesn’t work that way. Thats why I’m liking my toasted ham and relish sandwiches. They seem to keep me going alright. I am pretty sore though and as much as I’ve started to get into running I think I might have to mix it up a bit. For the first time in my life I have a sore back!

Anyway enough about exercise. I’m getting pretty good at ‘Just Pretend’ by The Bens on guitar, and its nice and slow so not too hard to sing along to. Unlike ‘Wish you well’. The song I can play okay but the singing…forget it!

I apologise for the lack of anything interesting to write. Anything interesting that happens at work isn’t really anything I can post here and because I spend between 7-9 hours a day there 5 days a week it leaves very little other time for other bloggable material!

– Jen

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