About as common as a cat sized ant

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Today was our weekly ‘study day’ at work. All four of us grads had re-sits to do for various assessments we’ve failed. I thankfully passed what has been the bane of my existence these past two weeks (fringe benefits tax). I HAD to pass, not only because I couldn’t have handled failing again but because I knew fringe benefits tax (FBT) inside out.

After our assessments we had time to breathe in but not out before we were in a 6 hour video conference on ‘common deductions’. I think I was a little misled by the word ‘common’. I went into the conference expecting simple and easy and came out with feeling like ‘bits of my brain were dropping away like a wet cake’. It truly was disturbing…but really really interesting.

In one of our breaks the talk turned to the apparent ‘ant plague’ that had taken hold at Jo’s house. When Kelly remarked that ant rid works wonders on ants I told her the story about the town in Germany where someone applied ‘ant rid’ to some ants and because of a chemical imbalance in the ant rid, the ants grew to the size of cats’. I could have gone on for days and she was in complete disbelief trying to even ‘picture what a ant that size would look like’ when I had to give in and tell her the truth*.

I got back to my desk around 5 (having started at 7am) and tried to look at these so called ‘common deductions’, but not being able to read any words on the page didn’t help.

So home I went and to bed I shall now go.

– Jen

* There were no cat sized ants..

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