Visiting is pretty, visiting is good

It seems the gods of money are out to make my life miserable. Moving to melbourne was supposed to be fantastic and exciting but the financial aspect is just making me stressed out and unhappy. I’m trying to look past all that to how great it will be when the bills are out of the way but cost after cost keeps coming up to beat that out of me.

I thought Victorian rego was supposed to be cheaper? After all in Albury people pretend they live in Wodonga because of it. Yet while rego in nsw costs me $216 and full comprehensive insurance costs me $450, to register my car in VIC (with new numberplates etc) is $925 and $546 a year after that while insurance is a whopping $1100. How does that work? So what if I don’t have to get a greenslip or get my car roadworthied. Even with all that its still cheaper in NSW, and I’m not driving an unsafe car.

It appears Melbourne might be a great place to visit but living there is a right pain.

– Jen

p.s. if anyone who is living in Melb can give me approx rego costs for their car so I can see if I’ve made a mistake that would be great. I drive a Ford Laser ’99. I wonder if seeing it’s an ‘old persons car’ I could try and get some kind of senior citizens discount.

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