2006 – a year in review

I always like watching those end of year things on tv where they show all the big things that happened during the year, there is always huge things that you have forgotten that make you go ‘oh YEAH – THAT happened’. We watched one last night and of course I was prepared for Steve Irwin but had forgotten about Belinda Emmett so that made me sad.

uh hum..anyway I thought I’d do my own year in review.


– Turned into a professional bludger living with the man in between finishing uni and starting work.
– Wrestled with Centrelink over why I had to apply for jobs when I already had one and I just hadn’t started yet and WHY WON’T YOU JUST GIVE ME THE MONEY aargh!
The man got robbed.


– Back to Albury, started work (what is this funny stuff in my bank account – oh right, thats money)
– Decided to grow my nails


– Nails needed for nervous chewing
– Threw a ‘kegger’ for jase’s birthday
– Began to contemplate purchasing property
– Get an $1100 fine for ‘not attending jury duty’ or some such rubbish
– My birthday!


– Saw Dylan Moran live
– Found out I got a transfer to Melbourne starting in June
– Graduated uni!


– Interest rates rise 0.25%, NAB raises the rates on my personal loan by 1%, bye bye NAB.
The man and I’s two year anniversary
– Dogs eat graduation photos


Jase leaves for Falls Creek, bet each other $250 we can’t grow our nails
– Moved to melbourne
– Start training in call centre


– SWAT team outside our house because of a ‘small disturbance’ across the road
– Start to detest working in call centre
– Move into apartment


– Ran lake attack fun run
– Ipod erased itself (yes this IS an important event thankyou very much)


– Wedding and a funeral in two weeks
– Grand final bbq at Tony and Rae’s
– Started 3rd rotation at work (e-s-c-a-p-e-d the call centre)


– Went to army open day (shot stuff)
Cam leaves for airforce


– Lots of study and not a lot of blogging!


– November + Christmas food + kittens = bad blogger!

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