vista: the visual percept of a region;

Originally uploaded by trojen_hoarse.

The visual percept? My percept? It’s pretty. But its another perfect example of Microsoft’s stupidity. Like Vista not supporting Microsoft’s answer to the ipod (Zune), MSN doesn’t work. It – doesn’t – work.

I’m pretty tired, I’ll give Vista that, I’m worn out, it’s been a long day. I plugged in my ipod only to have iTunes tell me ‘hey lets erase your shuffle Jen because didn’t you just get it all nice and updated?’…after much stamping of feet I did that. Fine – fresh computer, new itunes…new ipod. FINE!

Log into MSN. Oh, sorry Jen. MSN doesn’t work. There is nothing on the internet to make it work. It’s a firewall problem apparently (yes I checked MSN is an exception on the firewall). I updated MSN, stamped my feet some more. Googled the problem black and blue and STILL it refuses to co-operate.

This of course frustrates Vista Lover (the man) no end because he loves Vista. I’m sitting here making disparaging remarks about something he’s growing quite attached to. You can’t really knock how easy its been to network everything. I’ll give it that – if it gives me back my MSN! TWO WAY STREET VISTA!

So yes, it looks pretty. But so far, its been a real Connex of a system use.

– Jen

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