It’s not apples.

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I am sick to death of spending time carefully selecting nice, unbruised, firm apples in the supermarket only to get to the checkout and have the checkout guy/chick literally throw them into the bag.

The man always says I need to put them last, that way they will definitely get put on top. Unlike the last time when they got put in the same bag as cans.

His reasoning sounded logical so today I even held onto the apples until the girl had got through all the heavy things. Put them down last waaay at the back. What happens? Girl opens new bag (oops left my recyclers at home) leans down, picks up apples, THROWS them into the bag (with a lovely resounding smack as they hit the bottom) THEN throws a BUNCH of bananas on top.

I got very red in the face and angry. But I didn’t say anything. Is it seriously going to make a difference? I tried another time by being nice and saying before hand ‘do you mind being gentle with the fruit’ ‘yeah sure’ what happens? smack smack the apples get thrown into the bag.

The reason WHY I’m so angry? I HATE squishy apples. Seriously I might try and eat around the bad bit but if I buy apples and they’re bruised when I get them home, I usually won’t eat them.

..thats about the end of my apple rant.

Maybe its time to start walking five minutes to safeway instead of 30 seconds to coles?

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