Other side of the fence

Today I went to Swinburne’s career fair, as an ’employer’. Just a little bit different. Myself and another one of last years grads, the ever exuberant Darren went with our graduate manager to promote the ATO graduate program. I’ve never talked so much in my entire life. About an hour in I thought I was going to lose my voice! I think I managed to talk a few people into applying and in the end it was just like being back at EB selling stuff. A few of the students I talked to I could just pick will get in. They just LOOK like grads!

It’s also cool because they’ve decided this year to put an ex-grad on the interview panel, so hopefully I get to sit in on one. I also had a poke around the career fair but decided to stay put in my public service shell. Some cool sounding grad programs though. Vic Roads sounded good, and masterfoods as usual.

That was my Friday anyway, oh and they also had cakes and pastries from Brunetti’s. UNBELIEVABLE!! I cannot get over how good it was. I had what I now know to be a ‘coffee mignon’ – profiterole filled with coffee custard. But not just your average custard. This stuff just melted out of the profiterole.

Even better thats who they have cater for our graduate program graduation!! Can’t wait!!

– Jen

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