Carparks, Coffee & Cittens.

Couldn’t resist, …kittens with a ‘c’ – ew.

I’m back in Albury for work and boy is it weird. W-E-I-R-D. I was driving through town at about 3pm and as I was going past the uni I looked at the carpark and still felt the same ..’aargh it’s full’. Then I remembered I don’t go to uni anymore.

Then I drove past my old high school and there were all the year 12’s cars in the carpark with their P plates…and that was weird too. I used to park there too y’know!..well I don’t know if I’d call it parking. I stored my car there.

This post isn’t going the way I anticipated…it seems to be about educational facilities and their carparks…

Anywho. I went and visited my nan which was good. I proved my theory about instant coffee tasting nice when other people make it for you. It is SO true. When I make that stuff it tastes like rubbish but when anyone like my mum or nan make it, its a different drink!

Now here I am at the lan mine and guess what Jason…I got to see Elspeth first and I got to hold her and EVERYTHING! Nyer to you now! I’m also sitting here on a pc (entered the secret code..) eating two killer pythons and thinking that somethings don’t change. Although how I ever managed to eat two killer pythons in one sitting is beyond me. The sugar plus the instant coffee = brrr. Not even attempting a lanmine coffee. I think if I tried to make a jenlax I’d probably kill myself – drinking the coffee not in a horrific milk scalding incident (although I wouldn’t rule that out either).

Anyway now I’m off to dinner with Dad and my sister. I’m missing out on my friday session at the gym tomorrow but thats probably a good thing as I need a bit of a break, my dogs are barking (kittens meowing etc).

Speaking of kittens I’m currently ‘training’* Schroddy to walk with a harness on. Thats going…well. Number of angry kittens: 1 , number of successful walks in the harness: 0

– Jen
* training consists of squeezing the cat into the harness while it meows pitifully and then trying to convince the cat to walk while it sits awkwardly and refuses to budge.

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