This is the sound of settling

Had a really good day today (well its 6:38pm, I think I can count on the rest of the night being okay). I went to pump this morning, and survived. My ‘guns’ are looking gooooood. My trainer yesterday even said ‘wow! you’re getting strong!’. Damn straight I am. Of course my eye now is on looking ‘gooooood’ but not so muscly that my arms look weird in a dress. Especially a wedding dress. You don’t want to look like you’re going to dash from the church to the boxing ring. Ding ding ding.

ANYWAY I was getting to the rest of the day, I had to go to highpoint (groan) and find something to wear to our friend’s (Ben & Rel) going away party next friday night. Its cocktail dress and its winter so I had to find something HOT….but not so HOT that I’ll be freezing. You can see my dilemma.

So I didn’t get to Highpoint until about 1:40pm and seriously when I found a park it was 2pm (that wasn’t frustrating at all. I browsed through about four shops until I wandered into FCUK and surprisingly found a dress I loved! Took less than an hour. It wasn’t until I walked into bras and things later that I thought ‘wow, its getting easier to be ‘JEN’). Ordinarily I would have screwed my face up at the thought of having to do all this shopping but it was while I was browsing through a bra shop that I realised – wow I’ve changed.

Then I bought a really nice top to wear to the engagement party we’re going to next week in Berrigan (George & Bridge). It was all just TOO EASY! I’ve decided there is defintely something to be said for living in Melbourne (as far as shopping goes anyway).

Last night on my way home from work (in a work car) I realised I was in the wrong lane coming out of that pesky roundabout at the end of Elizabeth St and Flemington Rd and so ended up going down Royal Pde back to Moonee Ponds. Knew where I was going and everything! No getting lost for me!

Anyway have to scoot we’re making lasagne tonight and its already seven and we haven’t even gone shopping for the stuff yet…

– Jen
p.s. No crutches for the man, he’s too much of a man for them!

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