Bored of breakfast

So this morning I stared blankly into our pantry and probably for the first time in my life considered skipping breakfast.

Might not sound shocking to people who don’t know me well but I LOVE breakfast. Easily my favourite meal of the day and this morning- I could have taken it or left it. We’re in training at work all this week though(8.45 – 4:51pm) everyday and not being able to just go and eat if I needed to meant I had to eat SOMETHING.

I had porridge as usual. But I wasn’t happy about it! Didn’t go to the gym or anything though so I wasnt ravenous as usual. So I’m well and truly over porridge. I’ve run out of cereals I haven’t done to death like Uncle Toby’s Fibre Plus, Oat Flakes, Sultana Bran…I’m just stuck!

I have banana on toast for lunch at the moment so I’m not keen on toast for brekkie and plain fruit won’t fuel me up enough!

What does everyone else eat for brekkie?

– Jen

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