Dear Santa,

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All I wanted for Christmas when I was about 10 was a Lego Octan petrol station. I couldn’t get over how he could completely ignore my request when he knew wanted it so badly. In FACT I think I remember being in Big W on Christmas Eve and being devastated when there were no more Lego Octan Petrol Stations and someone mentioned maybe that was because Santa had them all. Which created just a little bit of FALSE HOPE …SANTA.

We went back to Berrigan on the weekend and the man brought home all of his childhood lego. Which is creating a bit of a mess as there are half built pieces of pirate ships and trucks littering the apartment. The cats are excited though because they’re bored of gnawing on star wars lego.

Its only really hard to cope with because I know my lego is so much better than his. Really, pirate ships?

Anyway this afternoon when I came home he presented me with what he’d found in toys-r-us.

So there Santa.

– Jen
p.s. updates on the weekend I promise!

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