When he hears the firebell chime…

After Daniel’s post the other day about old ad’s on youtube I started exploring what other old things might be on there.

Plenty of fireman sam, postman pat, the raggy dolls, noddy and thomas the tank engine. Although re-watching fireman sam I’m not so sure he IS the hero next door.

For starters, just watching the intro:

– He gets up at 8:50am. What kind of bludger does that?
– Then he does a dangerous stair slide – obviously one that helps him get ready in ‘seven seconds flat’. My question is why Sam (being a firefighter) hasn’t just put in a pole?
– Then we see him checking himself out in the mirror.
– Apparently he’s always on the scene, but then we see him lounging against his truck reading the paper
– Then he steals the paperboys skateboard
– Then the italian lady brings his lunch to him in his firetruck – something he could have gone and gotten himself if he wasn’t so busy looking at himself in the mirror and reading the paper.
– Then he JUST makes it to work on time.

Clearly a bad influence on children. I hope Postman Pat might be better, but the guy is riding around with his cat in a truck! A cat with a beard!

– Jen

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