En-route to Lauterbrunnen

We stopped off at Lucerne on the way to Lauterbrunnen (we’re in Switzerland now guys..try and keep up yeah?) As usual we got taken to a purveyor of fine goods – this time Harry’s Swiss Watch shop where we finally spent some cash and bought the man a Swiss watch and army knife. Then we went to see the Lion Monument which was pretty cool. The monument was erected in reference to the French Revolution and shows a sad looking lion on a French and a Swiss guard shield and the lion has been stabbed in the back. The story goes that at the time of the French revolution the Swiss guards were guarding King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette and when they realised they were being invaded they fled to their summer palace and ‘forgot’ to tell the guards. So when the revolutionaries stormed the palace the Swiss guards protected it with their lives and about 600 of them were slaughtered (my notes said 80..wikipedia said 600). The monument obviously represents the french ‘stabbing the Swiss in the back’. The Swiss gates in Paris represent the same thing.

After the lion we went to a Swiss chocolate shop to keep me quiet. It worked. Yum!

– Jen
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