That’s not my name!

Like I said in my last post, I’ve acquired yet another nickname. This nickname business is getting a bit out of control, have a look at this:

Full name: Jennifer Kathleen


Jen (most normal people)
J.K (Dad and Grandma & Grandpa)
Jack (Dad)
Jenu (Alex, since year 11 retreat when she ‘misread’ Jen.U. )
Unsworth (other grad friends because I call them by their surname)
Jenny (ignorant people)
Jenny-poos (the man)
n-word poo (the man)
Poohead (the man)
Poosa (the man)
Ferret (work because I ‘ferret’ things out – usually by googling them)
Turkey (work – but myself and two other people all call each other Turkey – its not confusing)
Chicken Ferret (work, I don’t know how Chicken got involved – think it was turkey first)
Triple J (see last post)
TJ (see last post)
Gunner (from our time spent in the “military” during the grad program)
Chuckles-the-pirate (the man)
Elliot-the-geek (apparently one day when I had a hood over my head I looked like Elliot from ET)

The only nickname I don’t have or haven’t been called is ‘Unsie’. But Dad gets that so it would be a bit weird.

I feel like I’m forgetting some! But these are all nicknames that get used, except for Chuckles and not really Elliot anymore either.


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