Sevens Pounds/Yes Man

The man and I went to the movies last night and saw Yes Man. I was a bit apprehensive about seeing it because while I like Jim Carrey, he hasn’t exactly had a good run with movies in the last…oh five years.

But it was really really good! I walked out of it feeling happy and cheered up. Highly recommend it for a simple, fun movie. Five Jentopia stars!

Then this afternoon the man knocked off work early and we went and saw Seven Pounds. I don’t like movies that are sad, and I don’t like movies where you don’t know what is going on until right at the end. I’m not patient enough. So while the end was good (sad though), I didn’t really enjoy the movie. Two Jentopia stars.

I’ll tell you what else I didn’t enjoy. The toilets at Hoyts! I went when we first got there and most of the cubicles were out of paper, or disgustingly dirty. So when I was headed back to the cinema I said to one of the employees that the toilets are dirty and have no paper.

About three quarters of the way through the movie and a litre of water later I needed to go again, and they hadn’t changed at all! So I again told an employee, a girl this time. I said I’d told a guy about them over two hours ago and nothing has been done. She smiled and said ‘oh that’s your problem! You told a guy, ha ha’.

What a mole.

– Jen

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