Dinner with Lehmo

The other night we took the man’s younger sisters out for Japanese. They’d never had it before so we went to a local teppanyaki place, with them giving us looks as if to say ‘we are just humouring you, we know they don’t really throw food at people’. 

So it was fun when they threw the food. I just wish I got better at it! I did have photos too, but my micro SD adapter melted or something, when I picked it up just now it disintegrated in my hands. 
Anyway about halfway through our meal I actually look at the guys on the table with us, and sitting right next to me is Lehmo. I sent the man a text, and he very covertly confirmed it was Lehmo.
So I ate dinner with Lehmo and he laughed at me a lot when I had egg hit me in the face. 
The girls had no idea who he was. But I thought it was kind of cool. He wasn’t that funny though and I quite like him on ‘before the game’, so I don’t know. Maybe he saves all his funny up.
Anyway..its a mid week post. Also – its hot.
– Jen
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