Oh I fear, I’ll become unclear – SOTM February 2009

Still on the Josh Pyke bandwagon. I’ve had a great few weeks getting addicted to Josh. I always love having new music to listen to and wondering if it will grow on me and then playing it again and again when it does. 

I bought ‘Chimney’s Afire’, his latest album…and not much has grown on me. I bought the album for ‘Make you happy’ which is a good song, but I’ve been playing it to death. I listened to the album almost twice driving to and from Geelong the other day much to the man’s horror. Only one other song jumped out at me and it’s ‘you don’t scare me’.
It’s a typical Jenu song, very sing-alongable-to.
I couldn’t even find you guys the video, so you will have to make do with listening to it here, the player is in the top right hand corner of the screen. I recommend buying it on itunes. 
– Jen
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