Is the Commando our biggest water wally?

I apologise for not using one of my nifty song quotes for the title. But I have a headache. I didn’t drink nearly enough water this afternoon and now I feel like my brain is trying to escape through my left eye.

That’s why I’m blogging instead of sleeping. Anyway. So to the title of this post. Normally we are too busy cooking tea and I don’t usually see The Biggest Loser but tonight I caught some of it and I was aghast. That’s right, aghast. The Commando…. is a water wally. He was using a hose and spraying contestants telling them ‘toughen up.. its just like rain’. 
What a tool. Or the producers of the show are. It’s not like they would be spraying them with bore water. Would they? Nah. 
I was disgusted. Do you know what else I was disgusted about tonight? The huge slug in my broccoli. All day I’ve been hanging out for some lightly steamed broccoli and as I was putting it on my plate I saw it. This yellow caterpillar/enormous maggot creature. It was horrible. I couldn’t eat any broccoli, and of course the man being such a delicate little thing threw all his out as well. I still ate the rest of my vegies because I was hungry. 
I am not sure if I should be happy the vegetables at Coles are so…fresh or if I should be freaked out about how many other little creatures I’ve probably eaten in the past. Seriously, it looked like an enormous maggot. No I didn’t take a photo. Yes, wishing I had now. 
– Jen
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