Cause blinded I am blindsided – SOTM March 2009

This month’s SOTM I actually heard on Still one of my favourite blogs, and probably the only blog I literally laugh out loud at. 

Anyway I heard the song ‘Blindsided’ by Bon Iver on Dooce’s year in review. If you follow Dooce at all, then its a pretty awesome clip. So I will link you to that instead of a youtube clip of Mr Iver, or do I just call him or them Bon? Like Bon Jovi
I wish I had to photography skills to be able to do that sort of stuff. I can’t work a camera to save myself. Cameras and video recorders. 
Another good Bon..or Iver song is ‘Skinny Love’ off the same album (for emma, forever ago)
In more music related news, the man and I have finally, finally agreed on songs for our bridal waltz. I’m not saying what they are but they are a compromise on both our tastes. 
– Jen
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