Degraves St Subway

Seriously, I love Melbourne. And I love coffee. And so I love its quirky dark laneways and hidey hole bars with cool coffee spots.
But I didn’t know about the Degraves St subway! 
Not that I know many of the laneways and that but this was a serious shock! On my way to the doctors on Friday I relished the thought of cutting through Degraves St (or Diagon Alley as I like to call it). When I hopped off the train at Flinders I turned to the west and instead of going out the last exit on the platform went down the middle rabbit hole and found this subway.
It’s not a bad thing, still being this new to Melbourne because I love discovering all this awesome stuff. It was so old! 
The other day while I was out for work I did the same thing with an exit of Flagstaff station.  But this was way cooler. So while I was excited about the subway, imagine just how excited I was when I popped up in Degraves St. 
– Jen
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