I’ve seen those English dramas too, they’re cruel

Thanks everyone for letting me know about the atrocious spelling mistake in the title of my last blog post. Or does no-one read this blog anymore?

I’ve fixed it now but it did say ‘it bears it’s teeth like a light’. And no one said a thing. Also, no one commented on my awesome hot cross buns. 
The title of the post was supposed to be lyrics from Snow Patrol’s song ‘take back the city’. Except now when you google ‘it bears its teeth like a light’, the first hit..the very first hit..is Jentopia.
Aaargh! Not happy!! Actually, before I do lyrics title I always google the lyrics to make sure I got them right. I just checked and all the ones I looked at have ‘bears’. Still…. I should have picked that up. I know I’m hopeless at maths, but spelling too!!
– Jen
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