Gooey brewy yummy chewy – beef stew

It is beef stew, not wombat stew. Does anyone remember that book?

Anyway, its not finished yet, so in eight hours we could have disaster on our hands but I’ll blog about that too if it happens.

beef_stew Anyway, this stew is ridiculously simple. Here I am using our slow cooker and leaving in on low
 all day (approx 8 hours). I cut up some potatoes (approx 3), sweet potato (small one), celery, mushrooms, carrots and lots of onion. All the vegies are chopped chunky, thats the way the man likes it, and it will probably be better otherwise they will be too mushy after cooking for so long.

Put the vegies in the slow cooker.

The meat is about a kilo of chunky beef that we got from the markets. Its in pretty big chunks. In a freezer bag I put about 3/4 a cup of plain flour and some salt and pepper. Our pepper grinder broke so I ended up just putting whole peppercorns in and crushing them a little bit. 

Add the beef to the bag and shake until coated. 

Add the beef to the slow cooker. That’s right, don’t cook it first. I thought you were supposed to (to seal in the juice?) but nope, my recipe says just put it in there. 

Then I prepared about 4-5 cups of beef stock (prepared = put powder in cup, add boiling water + stir). I tipped the beef stock over the contents of the slow cooker. Add wine (the recipe didn’t have wine in it, but I think beef stew needs wine). I used a Jacob’s Creek 2006 Cabernet Merlot that I picked up from Liquorland for $7.77. Wine was ridiculously cheap. It’s probably terrible stuff but it smells great! I would have tasted it but drinking at 10:00am is too early I think. I added about 1/4 of a bottle I think. I might put more in later if it looks like it needs more liquid.

That’s it! Put in on low and away we go. It should be done by 6:45pm and we will be eating it with brown rice. I would say we’ll be eating this for a few days. I might also taste test the rest of that wine too!

– Jen

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