All work and play and no JenTime(TM) makes Jen a very cranky girl

I know I know. JenTime(TM) it’s needed. I know I need it, you know I need it, the man knows I need it. 

 I actually think JenTime(TM) is sort of selfish. Its all about me! What about time with the man? What about cleaning the house, wedding plans, work etc? I do like being busy, and having guests and going to parties and having guests and doing wedding stuff and having guests and going to work and having guests but seriously…

It’s getting a little bit out of control. There is just no end in sight! When did we get so freaking busy! Every weekend is booked up, I have to write stuff down. It is bedlam. Not that its not fun, last night we had a ball at Scotty and Teish’s engagement party. Except Shell lost her camera. The idea was to get all the photos from it, put them on a cd and present it to Teish and breakfast this morning. Except we didn’t get to breakfast due to an incident in a taxi…can I blog about it? Probably not. Shell might blog about it! 

So what to do? Suck it up I think. We’re going to Canberra in a couple of weeks for a long weekend which I’m really really looking forward to but I have to work about 2-3 hours extra each day until then to make up enough flex time to take off two days. I might end up using some annual leave. See how it goes.

We also have to head back to Albury sometime and get some more wedding stuff done. Maybe, just maybe next weekend I might get some JenTime(TM).

On a happier note I went for a run yesterday morning. It didn’t start off great because the first part was downhill which my knee did not like, but after that it picked up. I think I ran 5km easy, maybe a bit more. I’m off to a chiro later this week to get ‘realigned’. Should be interesting. 

Well time for the Sunday night ritual of bag packing and lunch making….groan.

– Jen

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2 Responses to All work and play and no JenTime(TM) makes Jen a very cranky girl

  1. Andrew says:

    Hard to say no to stuff, but you have to at times. I tell myself, wouldn’t it be sad if you were never asked to go to anything. Really, I often think, what a blessed relief.

  2. shellbell43 says:

    What happened to the Simpson’s Jen charicature?

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