Hippity hoppity Easter is..over

smoked-cod Okay so I’m a bit behind in posting. I’ve been busy! And we’ve had guests. The man has been monopolising the computer and since our dvd player broke, the laptop has become the dvd player and I didn’t have a spare computer to blog on. There. Perfectly good excuse.

Normally I go back to Albury for Good Friday lunch at Nan’s (see here) but this year Nan was off to Sydney to see my Uncle so Smoked Cod lunch was cancelled. So I invited Mum down and luckily Nan coughed up her recipe and we had something resembling smoked cod. I think disaster is a strong word, the fish was actually okay. It was the vegies that suffered. Well all the vegies except the peas. Shell came to the rescue with an awesome chocolate pudding and ice cream for dessert. Yum.

Speaking of Shell, she has a blog so I will plug it while I remember – She’ll be apples. While I’m plugging, I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned Prickly Squirrel, another cool blog. I’ll get my links page up and running soon.


 Oh look here we are looking civilised, the man would like everyone to note the popularity of the Kirks creaming soda vs my coke zero. I’m thinking about giving up coke again. I seem to be getting more pimples and I think there is probably something sinister in coke zero to make it taste like coke, yet have no sugar in it. Also the black can is creepy. Not happy like the regular red can.

I’m rambling. I know. What else did I do? Ate hot cross buns, drank lots of coffee and ate lots of chocolate. It was awesome! Shell and I even started comparing hot cross buns, much like The Age did.

On the Thursday I had to go and have my nerve conduction test and we were a bit early so we stopped off at the Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder. Very fancy. Now that we are hot cross bun makers I can say that we could tell the buns were homemade, they were a bit crumbly. In a good way though. We also tried Coles and Woolies buns, both were nice but Coles were probably nicest. I tried Bakers delight buns on my birthday because Thuy at work brought me in regular and choc chip ones. They were okay but not as good as the Coles ones. 


The nerve test was okay, not really painful so pretty well as it was described to me ‘uncomfortable’. My arm jumped around when it got shocked etc. Also, the needles in a few of my muscles was unexpected but I think it was worse for Shell because she could actually see what was happening. The doctor said it looks like my nerves are okay, so the shoulder/back pain is probably a muscle thing, which is good.

That’s about all I have to say for now. I still have lots of catch up blogging to do!

– Jen 

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