This little piggy went to market, well he shouldn’t have.. he should have stayed home with the other piggy

I figured for my new years resolution about blogging more I should make sure I mention swine flu/mexican flu/north american flu/pandemic flu… alright mostly swine flu. I’m sorry but you can’t just change its name. Swine flu is a pretty cool name and I bet you’re guaranteed to get more days off work calling up saying you’ve got swine flu than the others. Actually mexican flu sounds pretty dodgy too.

At the moment it looks like its calming down but last week fingers were poised ready to hit the panic button. 

We’ll see. I don’t make comments about people getting all antsy in their pantsy about nothing anymore. Not since I said Brumby was over reacting about Saturday supposedly being the worst day in Victoria’s history. Ouch.

Anyway. Swine flu. Noted. 

– Jen

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