For the agony, I’d rather know, blinded I am blindsided

I know, I haven’t blogged properly in awhile. I’ve been busy with work and stuff and just haven’t been in the right mood to blog. 

This weekend just gone we went to Canberra. It was a snap decision we got reheheally cheap flights so decided to go and see George and Bridge’s new place. The weekend was an emotional rollercoaster. We got some news we’d been waiting on from one of our other friends, and it was shocking awful news which threw us all for a loop. What a strange phrase. Thrown for a loop?

I can’t go into details because not everyone knows, or is going to know but it was just one of those things that leaves you not knowing what to do or say. When nothing you can say or do will make anything better. 

Prior to getting the bad news though we had 30 minutes of the most fun I’ve had in about the past year. Bridge took us down to ‘Mr Spokes Bike Hire’ and we hired two of these:

Mr Spokes Bikes! The boys had a tough start so Bridge and I took the lead and the giggling started straight away. I think we almost ran over four people in less than five minutes and then the boys caught up. They kept trying to run us off the footpath as we roared around Lake Burley Griffin and at one stage they slammed on the brake when they were in front of us so we had to swerve around them. I think they may have been trying to kill us. 

I cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard. They were $30 an hour, but I reckon it was well worth it. My stomach hurt from laughing at the end of it. 

We went round to the National Museum of Australia and had a coffee then rode back.

Like I said, the rest of the weekend was roughish, but spending time with some of our best friends was great. 

Also, we had a decent experience on Tiger, considering how cheap the fares were. Note for next time, choosing where you sit is not part of the booking process, they charge you for it! We are onto you Tiger! Other than that it was what I expected. Definitely no frills but when you are in the air for less than the time it takes to read a magazine you hardly need a luxurious seat or something to eat!

– Jen

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