Hello sunshine..

The man has been mentioning photovoltaics for awhile now. Solar panels people. I use the word photovoltaics because when I got home the other night he put his foot down in the way he does when he wants something and said firmly “I really think we should get photovoltaics.” I said, “Photo what the what now??”

I don’t know why I said that because when he said it I knew perfectly well what photovoltaics were. I don’t know why I play dumb like that sometimes. 

Anyway we’d talked about it before but for some reason we’d canned the idea. I can’t remember why. But with the rebate ending soon the man had decided we are getting solar panels. I’m not against getting them, I just don’t want to have to pay any money for them. There are two reasons for this. Number One is we can’t afford solar panels. Number Two is we haven’t ever got an electricity bill since we moved in here so why would I want to start making my own. 

It’s not all great though, knowing that one day AGL might come to their senses and send us a bill for nine months of electricity (they can only go back that much according to their customer charter), and it’d be good to get it sorted out finally. But seeing its not going to actually cost us any money (apparently) we have applied to get the panels. We do have to pay a little bit, to get our meter changed and stuff but nothing outrageous. 

It is a good thing to do I suppose. Any thoughts…especially particularly green readers…..anything to watch out for?

– Jen

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One Response to Hello sunshine..

  1. Daniel says:

    It’s probably worth calculating what your electricity bill will now be (once it arrives!) based on the typical output of the cells vs your actual use. Though I guess if it’s been a while between bills, you may not know your actual use.

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