We’re black, we’re blue, we’re the mugars!

Went to see the housemate play footy again today. The Mugars (pronounced muggers) won 13.11.89 to 7.5.47 and defeated the East Burwood Devils. It was a pretty good game to watch. I found it heaps better than watching regular footy, probably because some of them have the same level of football ability as me. Then every so often I’d whine “I wish I could play football” and pout at the man who just rolled his eyes and goes “Jen! You can’t play football you.would.get.SMASHED.” After a whole game of watching them all get trodden on, shoved to the ground, hip and shouldered etc etc I reluctantly had to agree that yes, I would get smashed. They would snap me in half.

Afterwards when we came home the man used the photos we took and made footy cards using this website which turned out really cool. We put them in an envelope. Actually they’re freaking hilarious.

But for you guys I have the mighty Mugars singing their song:

Mugars Team Song from jenu_84 on Vimeo.

– Jen

p.s. Does anyone know how to get the video to show up here??

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One Response to We’re black, we’re blue, we’re the mugars!

  1. Gus says:

    How have you done the video? Have you used the embedded code? That should work.

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