A whole new world…a new fantastic point of view

We caught a bit of Eurovision on tv tonightand I commented how I’ve never watched it before. The man was saying how all countries have one act in there and I said “oh okay, so what about Australia?” and the man looked puzzled and said “no its EUROvision..so just Europe”. Then he mentioned something about how you can’t be in there if you are already famous and said “like Robbie Williams couldn’t go in it”. I said “well of course he couldn’t, he’s from England”. 

The man asked if I was joking. Joking about what I said. Then he looked sick and said “oh god, you’re not joking”…”Jen, you do realise England is part of Europe?”. I was sceptical because surely the man was wrong. England is in the United Kingdom dummy. 

So after some short lessons in geography it turns out England is part of Europe and Europe is a c-o-n-t-i-n-e-n-t. 


The man says we can’t procreate now because I am too stupid.

– Jen

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2 Responses to A whole new world…a new fantastic point of view

  1. Andrew says:

    I’ll side with you Jen, and I don’t care what the laws say or what the official status is.

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