This is Richmond remember.

I caught a bit of the footy show last night. Yes I paid for being up so late by sleeping in today. But..I did see something that actually made me laugh. I repeat..I was watching the footy show. Have you see that CGU ad? About the alpaca farmer? Well it’s really stupid. This dorky alpaca farmer named Bill raps about…being an alpaca breeder. It’s stupid, but when the song goes ‘whoever you are’ and he shouts ‘Bill!’ its funny. Jenu funny anyway.

Click here to see the original ad

So when Sam Newman goes ‘Terry!’ I thought it was hysterical. Click here to see that. 

Sorry Tony. It’s just too funny.

– Jen

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2 Responses to This is Richmond remember.

  1. Jase says:

    Whoah, i was looking at Sam Newman clips… check out this one!
    Nice CGU ad too. Wish they showed that up here.

  2. shellbell43 says:

    Look out! Nan is reading your blog, keep it G rated!

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