Bad storm coming better run to the top of the mountain

Anyone get those lyrics?

Anyway. For my readers I have exciting news.  I have been running! I didn’t want to say anything in case I jinxed myself but I finally think that after two years I might have started to get a handle on my sore ‘knee’. I don’t have a sore knee! I have a weak glute medius! I’m also out of alignment, oh and the old troublesome tight ITB caused by the above. Out of alignment impacts on the glute and ITB to some degree and when your ITB gets tight like mine (like a rod in your leg) it goes all the way down into my knee. This surprisingly helpful and unreferenced wikipedia article actually explains everything I just said. Spooky. 

Now the ITB, or illiotibial band, is not actually a muscle so you can’t really ‘stretch’ it. But I’ve been having painful, awful massages and it does loosen up a bit. I can’t describe the pain. It’s horrendous. I actually bought a foam roller so I can inflict the pain on myself in the comfort of my own home. How fun for me. That, and strengthening the glute medius + the orthotics have made an actual difference! I just have to remember to behave and stretch and not try and do too much.

But it’s all worth it. The other day I went for probably 8kms of actual running and I actually had to stop because I was stuffed, not because of my knee. Which is amazing. The man and I go for a run every Monday night. Tonight we went in the pouring rain and did 4km. He kicked my butt and I was trying too. 

Well I’m stuffed (from running – did I mention?) and I’ve got to get to bed.

– Jen

p.s. Does anyone have some suggestions for SOTM??

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5 Responses to Bad storm coming better run to the top of the mountain

  1. Jase says:

    Jaimie T – If you got the money (film clip’s funny too. They dance like me)

    Sia – Breathe me or buttons

    8k’s? Jesus, you’re a demon. I fell over doing bulgarian split squats too. I think i’ll save them for the safety of my own home.

  2. shellbell43 says:

    Half marathon here we come?

  3. Rae says:

    I got tired just reading this…

    You go girl – well done on being able to get back into what you love!

  4. Tony says:

    Bugger, embedding has been disabled but try for the SOTM.

  5. jen says:

    Embedding disabled…maybe thats why I can’t put videos in!Let me investigate!

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