It’s not my fault, its how I’m programmed to function

I went out last night…’for a few scoops’ as my twitter status said. The twitter status I updated on my phone. The phone I lost about two hours after that tweet. My precious phone I use pretty much only for twittering, not much calling or messaging. 

I blame the taxi driver. Yes, I’d had a few – but I wasn’t that bad. I was aware enough that the taxi driver was ripping me off. He drove me around the block in the cbd and I noticed! As in literally, around the block. So I said I’m getting out, and figured I’d catch a tram. In my haste to get out of the taxi and pay etc, I dropped my phone. 

To say I was devastated would be an understatement. See, I never ever knew you could get replacement sims! For FREE! I thought I’d just got this new phone, on this plan I’d have to pay off for two years and I’d have to pay off two phones if I was to get another one.  

Anyway, I talked to some police who commented I seemed very worried about a phone. Well of course I was worried, it was like I’d lost a limb! I wanted to twitter about losing my phone! And I couldn’t! 

I jumped in another taxi and tried to get the guy to put a call out. I’m sure they get a squillion of those but he tried anyway and the lady on the radio told him off. He kept telling me to ring my phone and I said “with WHAT????”. Then I noticed the meter was pretty high for a short distance. By the time we were going up Mt Alexander Rd, I figured out why it was so high. I always thought the meter stopped when the taxi stopped? Well this one didn’t. I noticed because we got stopped on Mt Alex Rd by some cops pulling some drunk guys off a tram and the meter was still going. When I said, how come the meter is still going and we’re stopped and the guy couldn’t understand me. Then eventually he comes out with “ohh ohh noo, noo ohh you need tell me if you want meter stopped”. That can’t be right. Seriously. Then he stopped the meter until we went again. I could be completely wrong…but I thought the meter stopped when the car did!

Eventually I got home, financially and celluarly lighter, woke up the man and was blabbering about my lost phone and what was I going to DO!! Oh My GOD!

So we rang telstra and blocked my sim and then the man made me go to bed, I will still insisting it wasn’t my fault the taxi guy ripped me off!! 

Then this morning while I was filled with remorse and guilt and nurofen, the man goes well we’d better go to the Telstra shop and get a replacement sim. A replacement what now? You can do that??? And I still have my old perfectly good phone! I’m not DOOMED!!! 

So all I really lost was a good phone. Which I still have to pay off if I don’t get it back. Which I won’t. But that’s not SO bad. 

I rang 13CABS today and actually spoke to someone nice who said that the Vic taxi directorate now has this mandate with the drivers that if they have any lost property in their cabs they are required to drop it in at the nearest police station at the end of their shift and the police log it in an online database. So I will head down to the police station later and cross my fingers..but I won’t be holding my breath.

One other thought I did have…of how nice it might actually be NOT to have a phone. At all. Sure it might be a pain when I go to meet someone somewhere…but no one can contact me! I’m not available 24-7! This morning I went and had coffee and no one knew where I was, what I was doing, how my toast could have been a little more toasted and that my coffee was a little cool. I’m sure all you guys missed knowing that though.

I’ve gone almost a whole day and I’m not too bad so far although I am thinking a lot about how if people are messaging me, and then I’m not responding and oh my god. Nah, it hasn’t been as bad as I thought. 

Question, could you guys honestly say you could live without your mobile? 

– Jen

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6 Responses to It’s not my fault, its how I’m programmed to function

  1. Andrew says:

    Inconvenient, but I could manage, as long as I recorded all the names and numbers.

  2. Daniel says:

    Someone at the Victorian Taxi Association needs to get a lesson on how to use a scanner, but the fares are detailed here.

    Basically yes, the meter keeps running if you’re stopped. If I’m reading this faded scan right, it’s $2.42 per kilometre, or 85 cents per minute when below 21 kmh.

    See also: the taxi page in the back of the Melway (orange section).

  3. Gus says:

    I couldn’t. And i don’t want to try.

  4. Rae says:

    I live without mine periodically, like today when I’ve left it on the table at home 😦 Hate it though, cos you just *know* it’s the day where you’ll be stuck in traffic and want to call to let people know you are on the way home, but can’t.

    To live without a mobile permanently? I think I could survive, but I like the security of it too much. And the fall back of not knowing people’s numbers, though that’s a bad excuse, cos I could buy a little address book for that. And i like to keep in touch via SMS with a myriad of people, and you can’t do that with a desk phone, as far as I know.

    So yeah, could do without it, but would rather not.

    BTW Love switching it off somedays and disappearing. It’s nice to not be in contact for short periods.

  5. squirrelisthenewblack says:

    I discovered while I was travelling that my world would not implode without a phone. It’s strangely liberating! I took a while to get another phone after I got back to Melbourne, it was almost like clamping on a ball and chain to have one again, which is just insane, because a mobile is supposed to give you freedom, is it not?
    I think twitter too would now be my biggest issue. I now think in 140 characters. It hasn’t taken long for twitter to completely overtake my life. Can you imagine how much richer cyberspace would have been HAD you been able to let everyone know that your toast required a little more toasting?

  6. Ren says:

    Can and pretty much do. I hate mobile phones with a passion.

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