Battling bloggers block

I know, I’m naughty, not blogging for weeks. But I’ve been sick, and busy and then sick again. Now I’m at that point where I’m just sick enough not to be able to go to work, but not too sick that I can’t get out of bed. A pretty good combination because it means I can catch up on blogging.

I’ve got Schroddy parked on my lap, the heater on and Bon Iver playing on itunes. I also don’t have to move for two hours.

Alright..well that was an hour ago. Too much twittering and facebooking. Now I’m going to get lunch.

Three hours and forty five minutes later I’m back. I had lunch and a coffee, went to the doctors and medicare, then the man came home and we went to JB hi-fi and he bought the new resident evil game on the wii, and I got ‘for emma, forever ago’ – Bon Iver’s album. I have a virus, need rest and don’t have to go back to work until Monday.

Readers you should be very excited about the new resident evil game because it means more blogging for me, while the man is occupying the tv. Currently he is obsessed with one of his ‘take over the world’ games on the pc which means I have to use the laptop to blog. The laptop is connected to the TV since our media pc went kaput, and by the time I unplug it all I don’t feel like blogging. Plus my music is all on the pc and because our house isn’t networked correctly its a huge pain to connect to the pc itunes library. Much more difficult since the man just ‘gave away’ our apple airport express to Jase..on a whim. The howls of dismay that erupted from our house when I found THAT out. “You did…WHAT”??? Point being I listen to music when I blog…without the music there is no blogging. Which I have clearly demonstrated in the past month.

The answer is simple. I need one of these.

Well, I’d better start remembering what I’ve done for the past month…

Twenty four hours later I get around to posting this. Wishing the bloggers block was over!

– Jen

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3 Responses to Battling bloggers block

  1. Gus says:

    Not networked correctly!?

    I grabbed the airport express back of Jase for a job, and since that had finished another mate expressed interest in it, aaagggghh, if only id know! Sorry dude.

  2. jentopia says:

    Waaaah! Not networked correctly only around itunes. It’s very particular about when it wants to detect the pc’s library, usually it chooses not to!

  3. Ren says:

    Noooo, you don’t need an Air. Seriously. You don’t. My man services the bloody things.

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