Winery Walkabout ’09

Shell covered it here, we had a nice time at the winery walkabout. Got three of our four bridesmaids together which was nice. Here is me dressed up as a London bus:


The idea was mine, but the execution was all the man. I thought it would be funny, but when it came to actually putting the thing together I lost interest. Our bus did actually have a theme, something ‘british related’ to celebrate the Queen’s birthday. My friend Rell went as Amy Winehouse which was freaking hilarious, although she froze all day. I, on the other hand was nice and toasty being a bus. Also the number of inappropriate comments made towards me was considerably less. However the man managed to make one in front of Dad which he either didn’t hear or chose to ignore. When Shell asked the man what he was dressing up as he said ‘the person who rides the bus’. Poor timing in front of future father-in-law, but pretty funny. I hope that seeing I haven’t blogged for so long Dad has given up reading. Fingers crossed on that one.


The walkabout was on the Sunday and on the Saturday I dropped the man off at Paddy’s at about midday to meet Gus. Shell and I went and checked up on the place we’ve booked for wedding makeup, and they had no booking. What the? Well don’t get snooty when I ring up every single week between now and October to check!

Then we had coffee and cake and read the paper, and probably moseyed back to Paddy’s about 1:30 -2pm.

The two boys were already quite merry and so I left Shell there to go home and drop off the car so I could join them in their merriment. After a small breakdown related to nothing at all and some hugs from Mum, Dad dropped me back into town. Now the two boys had roped Shell into their drinking gang.

They were even able to provide photos:


This is before the bar manager asked us to ‘leave’. When I say us, I really mean Gus. It was awkward because we were supposed to be eating there for dinner. So we got Gus out of there and took the boys down to taco bills for an ‘entree’ and a calm down. On the way though Gus wanted to see if he could tackle the man to the ground in the middle of the main street. Baz, who had joined us by now agreed with me that this would not happen. Except obviously Gus had been drinking which somehow increased his strength and the man who was also merry underestimated Gus’ newfound tackling skills and they both ended up on the footpath. Gus then proceeded to drag the man across the intersection by his feet. It was five thirty.

After some nachos and a fishbowl for Baz, Shell and I we headed back to Paddy’s. Slowly. I swear those two are the worst influences on each other. That was pretty much the winery walkabout!

– Jen

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One Response to Winery Walkabout ’09

  1. Gus says:

    Yeah well we all know Matt only does it so he can watch me make a fool of myself doing silly things!

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