It’s an energy drink for Jen – Jenergy!

I had a nice day today. Just a regular day at work, except I finally got something I’ve been working on for a month sorted out. Obviously I can’t talk about it, but I’ve been buried in A3 spreadsheet printouts in size 9 font armed with a highlighter. Auditing is fun!

Its late and I can’t sleep which is why I decided to blog. I will probably pay for it tomorrow though. But I don’t get a chance to blog much during the week,  I’m usually so exhausted I get home and don’t move from the couch except to the fridge. I was wondering why I have so much more energy this week, especially as I was so sick last week. What am I doing differently this week? Only one thing! Not riding my bike. The weather has been bad, not so bad I couldn’t ride but seeing as I’m getting over bronchitis I thought I’d stay out of it. I keep forgetting  I ride 100km a week !! No wonder I’m tired.

I do miss it though, and might try and ride tomorrow if the weather is not too nasty. I don’t mind getting wet riding home, my bags have waterproof covers but getting wet riding to work is no fun.

In other news I have found a way around my new years resolution about taking more photos. I am not taking more photos…but I am doing a great job of stealing them off everyone else!! So this years video montage will be worth watching – I’m looking forward to it. If I get stuck for photos I’m pretty sure there is an event in October I can get a few from.

– Jen

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