I feel stupid and contagious!

The exclamation point is for the existence of this blog post! Woooo. Nah. Decided I should blog about a heap of things in case I forget. Like Michael Jackson. He’s dead. Just so when I have kids I can say I know where I was when MJ died. It was 6:30am, I was on the couch curled up in the tiger blanket, shivering with the flu (probably swiney) calling in sick for work when ‘Michael Jackson rushed to hospital after heart attack’ appears in breaking news. Wow I thought, Michael Jackson. A few minutes later the breaking news about his death filtered through. I got to announce it to the housemate who was shocked. Twenty minutes later I was over it. I was way more upset about Princess Diana and I was only 13 then. But Richard Wilkins saying that Jeff Goldblum was dead too was a bit under researched! Oh and, poor Farrah Fawcett died too. Poor thing got no attention at all, bar the short period of time before MJs death was breaking.

What happened next? Jase arrived. We had a nice weekend….another week at work went by.

Gus and Jess came and stayed, we went to Nobu with Dr Ben and Miss Soon to be Mrs Dr Ben. It was great as it was last time and nice to take some people to. We also got to use our entertainment card which was cool. Best buy ever we have already got our money back on that thing.

Sunday we went out for breakfast courtesy of our guests. We went to The Boathouse in Maribyrnong. I’ve been there before too. My portion size demands have either decreased or the portions have gotten bigger but I’d definitely rate it higher than last time. The thing that impressed me was the attention to detail. The man hates bread, so egg soaked or undercooked toast repulses him so he always asks for his toast well done. Jess didn’t want the hollandaise sauce on her eggs and asked for them separate. Everyone got what they asked for. I thought that was pretty good.

After breakfast we went to the zoo. We were all wrecked I think. Wandering around a zoo takes energy! After the zoo we went home for a nap and then went and saw Ice Age 3. Surprisingly not too bad a movie! Then it was home for a traditional Gus dinner of tacos. Very nice.

Welp. I’m tired and a little…’tired’. It was one of my long standing colleagues going away lunches today so I ‘utilised flexible hours’ and knocked off at lunch. Verrry nice. Thursday is going to be tough though! Phew.

And a photo to keep you turkeys quiet:

matt_croc_head – Jen

p.s. what’s with the triple J’s hottest 100? jentopia’s hottest 100 to follow in next few weeks!

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One Response to I feel stupid and contagious!

  1. Andrew says:

    The best posts are always written when one is ‘tired’.

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