Baby steps.

Honestly, I have been blogging….kind of. Every now and then I write long post. A long, boring post about how hideous everything is right now.

I either delete them or they are just saved as drafts. I suppose, really that everything is not hideous at all. Work has been hideous. Well not even all of work is hideous. I’m actually liking some of it. I’ve been acting as an EL1 for the past five weeks. Which has kept me crazy busy. Its been so different.

But anyway, I won’t blog about work. What else has been hideous? Nothing really. The wedding stuff even isn’t that bad. RSVPs are rolling in slowly. Think we’ll end up with about 20 less than we expected. You know what that means! ……leftover bonbonniere! Less name cards to make!

Alright, I’m going to cut it off here. I will be back later though, maybe with news of the pies in the GF….but probably not!

– Jen

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