Now I’m haunted by the left unsaid. I PROMISE.

But in the meantime, I’m angry. I’m also stupid.

Once again, I let something that someone said upset me and stop me doing something. Even worse its someone whose opinion I really don’t give a shit about.

While we were away on our honeymoon I updated twitter from my mobile while we were driving around, and sometimes at night. Anyway this charming individual put their facebook status to:

Survey: Would you find it sad if your friend was on their honeymoon and spent most of the time updating their facebook status? Yes. No. Maybe. ???

Nice isn’t it. Then 8 people chimed in saying that yes, her friend is a huge giant loser. Which made me feel like…well like a huge giant loser. So I stopped twittering altogether (my twitter was linked to facebook). I stopped because of one person?

I did not spend ‘most of my time’ updating my Facebook status. I really didn’t.

I guess I can understand why people might think that’s a loser-ish thing to do. It’s really really geeky. But does it really matter?

Then when I got back, I had all week to blog and I was really really looking forward to that time. But every time I went to blog, I just felt crushed. Like everyone must be talking about what a huge enormous loser I am.

It wasn’t until this afternoon that I really thought about how its one person, whose opinion I don’t really give a crap about. I thought about how lots of my friends tweet, and are on Facebook just as much as I am and some of  friends also have great blogs that they actually make time to update regularly! I don’t think they’re losers!!

In the ‘olden days’ a honeymoon might have been a time when the newlyweds spent hours gazing into each others eyes, sipping champagne, eating oysters and giving each other sensual massages. On our honeymoon we went swimming, snorkelling, went on roller coasters and water-slides and helicopters and I drank Fourex Gold AND I twittered all about it. So all you Nellie Naysayers and Peter Putdowns can go frog* yourselves.

Sometimes I think I’m a lost cause. Why do I still insist on letting people get at me?

– Jen

* I just can’t bring myself to say it.

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13 Responses to Now I’m haunted by the left unsaid.

  1. Pauline Hammans says:

    Hey Jen,

    I personally am very glad that you are back in the blogging arena, and have found the time to update your blog.

    We both follow your blog and I am very impressed with the varying content and detail you put out there. It’s ace.

    If you didn’t blog and/or weren’t just a little bit ‘geekish’ as you put it then we would not have met you guys and would not have found out as much about this area as we did before embarking on our Migration Adventure.

    Don’t let what other people say upset or bother you, if the people who are close to you enjoy what you do and write about then you go for it kid!!

    I think you’re an inspiration, honest, up front and totally natural. Good on ya!!

    Anyway there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a geek, I make a living out of being a geek, and we wouldn’t have had the opportunity of moving to Australia if I wasn’t a geek……..

    So, as you said in your blog, tell those people to ‘Frog off’ and keep your chin up and keep blogging and twittering away!!!

    Love Pauline xxx

  2. Daniel says:

    Stuff ’em Jen. Twitter/Facebook updates are like 21st century postcards. The fact that you had plenty to report proves you didn’t spend all your time sending them.

  3. jen says:

    Thanks guys! You have made my day!!!

  4. Ren says:

    We were updating FB during our anniversary weekend. We were TALKING about Facebook when we weren’t catching up with other people’s statuses. We were thoroughly enjoying ourselves and letting people know it. You were doing stuff you enjoyed together. It wasn’t as if you were in separate rooms, crouched over PCs. I would personally give your “friend” a right telling off because if they think about you that way, they’re not a friend.

    And ditto Pauline. If not for your blog, I wouldn’t have met you. So there. So I hope you continue blogging, FBing and twittering to your heart’s content because a)it makes you happy and b)it gives your friends who have no lives something to complain about. Heh.

  5. Andrew says:

    Sheesh, there is only so much ‘you know what’ you can do on honeymoon surely. Like it or not, being online is now part of our lives. It is all about appropriate times and good manners.

  6. Rae says:

    I loved reading about your tidbits while away. And when we got to see you, we were able to hear a bit more detail on what we knew you had been doing.
    I agree with the ‘go frog themselves’ comment. You enjoyed yourself, the man enjoyed himself, and we enjoyed hearing your tales. The nay sayers can go jump.

  7. jen says:

    Love you guys, thank you so much!

  8. Gus says:

    Oh that’s just harsh and unnecessary! Don’t listen to whoever that was dude, I like your twitter feed! It’s funny, intellectual and interesting.

    I actually stopped for the same reason though… it’s an awful feeling. GGGRRRRR! Why would anyone say that! Just so unnecessary.

  9. shellbell43 says:

    Good on you Jen. I loved the honeymoon updates and would have been dissapointed if we didn’t hear from you.

  10. Anni says:

    Well firstly, I wasn’t aware there was a set code of conduct for a honeymoon. Glad I’m in the know now!

    But secondly, I couldn’t think of a better way to sum up your relationship. The kind who tweet on their honeymoon! Slightly geeky, kind of up with it (but not really), and never losing touch with your friends.

    But seriously now… lets think about this. A tweet can only be 140 characters long. They don’t take up THAT much of your time. Say, 30 seconds at most? And you were only tweeting 1-5 in a day. That means you spent no more than 2 minutes 30 seconds away from gazing lovingly into Matt’s eyes… YOU BITCH!!!

  11. Ren says:

    Soooo…. are we gonna hear the wedding tale? Are we? Eh? Eh?! C’mon! Full rundown. Stat!

  12. jen says:

    Quiet! It’s coming!

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