I was next to you, and you were right there next to me

I’ve been writing bits and pieces of this for well…six weeks now I guess..so some of it might sound a bit disjointed. There is so much more I want to write about, and then some I don’t want to share. I’d love to write about the days before…my ‘friday freakout’ the awesome day long bbq the day after etc etc. Maybe I’ll get around to it one day. Here is ‘something’ anyway.


And so ends the most fun, emotional, exhausting life-changing month in my life (so far anyway).

There we go, all done and dusted. Well not quite. There are still thankyou letters to write, and well not too much else. There is still a box of wedding related odds and ends sitting in our study. I’ve given away most of the leftover bonbonnierre .

I don’t know what else to write. It was the most nervous I have ever been. I was almost too nervous to be properly nervous. I know myself pretty well, I know I’m a stress head, and I knew that at some point I’d freak out. But my one big thing about the whole wedding deal was that I wanted to look happy when I walked down the aisle.

So although I’m pictured here holding onto my flowers for dear life, I am smiling. In fact, if I’d kept not listening to what Fr Kevin was saying I wouldn’t have cried at all. The story was about what Fr Kevin thought love was. When he was a young priest he visited an old lady to give her communion at home, the lady’s husband would always answer the door and lead him down the hallway to her room. One day he knocked on the door and waited to be let in. No one came to the door this time, so he let himself in and walked down to the lady’s room. The husband was lying (fully clothed) on the bed with his wife and just cuddling her because she was feeling particularly unwell. I don’t know why it made me cry then but it did.

Do you know how hard it is to wipe your nose when you have no tissues and everyone in the church is watching you?

Anyway the ceremony went quickly, and we didn’t stuff up too much. I did have to laugh though because when we had rehearsal the day before we did it pretty much perfectly and Fr Kevin said “oh that’s where most people make the mistake”, something about giving your flowers to your bridesmaids too early. Well I didn’t do it at the rehearsal but did do it at the actual ceremony. Oh well.

Outside the church was chaos, the photographer had already told us to try and escape to get family photos done. Then when we escaped from the hordes wanting ‘just one photo’ to get around there, required family members weren’t there! After much stuffing around the man and I headed off to the SS&A club to get sneaky fake cake cutting and first dance photos done. I think the thing I enjoyed most was getting to go to the toilet – assisted by the man. First husbandly duties!

then met up with the bridal party at the railway station.Bridal party would be an appropriate description too. I almost wished I was a bridesmaid! There was a lot of giggling going on. Made for some great photos though.

After the railway station we headed to the river to get yet more photos done. Worth it though. I was starting to worry about how late we were going to be to the reception but the man rightly told me to relax. We had some photos in the actual river…which turned out to have lots of glass in it. Had to be a bit careful getting out of there. I don’t think the bridal party appreciated standing in river as it wasn’t exactly warm.

Back to the reception and time for a chill out before we got announced. I had to laugh when Gus announced us as Mr and Mrs Jennifer Fankhauser. Clearly I wear the pants. Well, the jeans at least.

I think I got to eat one bite of entree and one bite of mains, and didn’t see dessert. I think we had 17 tables to get around, it was bedlam. So much fun though. I think everyone had a great time, well from all reports they did anyway. Speeches were great and Shell’s reduced most people to tears. Bridge and George’s cracked everyone up with a comparison between the man and I’s definitions of fitness.

Oh, I can’t forget to mention the cake. The actual thing I wasn’t too impressed with, as I know a few people who could do a heck of a lot better. But as a base for our lego people it was alright. It tasted excellent though.

I guess every wedding is pretty much the same, speeches, bridal waltz/shuffle etc. We did have an interesting speech from
the man’s…cousin..in law? It was an impromptu speech from his cousin and his cousin’s sister’s husband. Make sense? I don’t think much does at that time in a wedding reception. He wished us ‘best wishes’ and wished us ‘the best’ and ‘best wishes’ again. It was pretty funny.

All the man’s friends who didn’t already know my Dad is awesome now think he is awesome. All the man’s friends who already knew he was awesome now think he is a legend. I can’t repeat it here but it involved the words ‘microphone nazi’. One of the groomsmen was crying with laughter.

Don’t know what else to write…I’ll be here forever and I’ll never get to blog again!

So take this..and then be quiet:

Our actual wedding photos are fantastic but we don’t get them back for a loooong time. I will put some up if I can.

– Jen

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One Response to I was next to you, and you were right there next to me

  1. Andrew says:

    And sincere congratulations to you Jen.

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