From Green Park, take the blue tube out to Heathrow – SOTM December 2009

Well, no pretty videos this month, you guys are going to have to do this one on your own.

Go and listen to this song. It’s called ‘Jet Set Go’ by The Guild League and its is awesome! I had the good fortune to see them play a few weeks ago and I was blown away. I’ll be honest, I’m biased because one of my friends is the cellist/bass player but even still. After googling the shit out of them as soon as I got home, I soon discovered their lead singer is also the lead singer of a band called The Lucksmiths. And so my love affair began. Well, my music love affair began. Why had no-one mentioned them to me before? I am very cross about this. I love The Shins, but no-one piped up and said “hey Jen have you heard about The Lucksmiths? They are like The Shins, but Australian and they pretty much live in your backyard”.

I sound so outraged because they broke up at the end of August. THIS YEAR.

I have about a billion of their songs that I wanted to use for SOTM, but The Guild League are fantastic and what led me to The Lucksmiths, so its only fair they get their due.

– Jen

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