Coffee’s hot and the toast is brown…its not? Well it should be.

I’m not having much luck in the breakfast stakes lately. Firstly, Degani my regular Saturday coffee hangout got taken over by….some people who don’t know how to make coffee. Then I rediscovered Fuel (across from the Moonee Ponds train station) which has excellent coffee, but no proper fruit toast and its sometimes hard to get a table. Today I went to go to Fuel for a coffee and they are closed until well after new years. Then I thought I’d try Little Kitch, but that was closed too.

So I stumbled into Cafe 42. It looks nice from the outside, menu sounds good. The barista looked competent even.

I ordered my usual skinny flat white which arrived quickly. I could tell just by looking at it that it was going to be really average. It moved too much, like it was too watery? Tasted burnt. It was horrible. I ordered a vegie breakfast too, the baked beans were the SPC canned variety with tomato paste mixed into it. I’m not a food connoisseur, I heard someone at another table ask.

What the hell? Why not just give me the canned variety without mixing in the tomato paste? I left them. Eggs were good, toast was average. Hashbrowns were straight from a box. All in all, very very average. Service was fine but they got me offside even before my breakfast arrived with that awful awful coffee.

What a waste of $18.50!

Now I don’t know where to go. Maybe its time to start eating at home like a regular person.

– Jen

42 Cafe & Bar on Urbanspoon

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3 Responses to Coffee’s hot and the toast is brown…its not? Well it should be.

  1. Tony says:

    Funny thing – the Google Ad on this post is for Urban Spoon review of 42. Apparently 80% of people like it, you should do a review.

  2. jen says:

    Yeah I know, I voted and took it down to 75%…but still. Terrible coffee.

  3. Rae says:

    I thought there were stacks of good places in your area. That’s a bugger. Surely there has to be one within walking distance!! Try harder!! 🙂 Go eat out more!

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