Oh Christmas tree, how itchy and spiky are your branches…

Tonight when I got home from the movies the man says to me “I think you….I think… we should take the Christmas tree down tomorrow”. I scowled at him, because putting it up was a huge pain in the arse and I was planning on leaving it up. But we are having guests for new years, so I said I would take it down while he was at work.

Then he must of remembered who he was dealing with – an uncoordinated, poorly skilled arranger/packer who only married into the Fankhauser name and doesn’t actually possess the FPG (Fankhauser Packing Gene) . He changed his mind and said (and I quote) “actually don’t worry about it – you will just stuff it up”.

Well!! Who says I am not stubborn. After he went to bed I stealthily took that thing apart, and fitted it neatly back in the box. It took me two hours. So I’m typing this at 2:30am. But I did it.

Now my next question: Was this reverse psychology? Will he walk out in the morning and see it all packed up and go ‘got her’. OR, will he panic, open the box and repack it?

I will report back.

– Jen

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2 Responses to Oh Christmas tree, how itchy and spiky are your branches…

  1. Ren says:

    Annnnddd…. did he repack? LOL

  2. jen says:

    Not yet…but I don’t doubt he will.

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