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Who says I can’t be free, from all of things that I used to be..

Last night I had a major ‘ah ha’ moment. I would say, for a very very long time I’ve struggled with not fitting in anywhere. I don’t feel like too many people ‘get me’. I’m incredibly lucky that the friends … Continue reading

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There is talk of revolution in the quiet suburbs

Last night we went and saw The Guild League play at the Northcote Social Club. They. Were. Brilliant. Well I thought so anyway. I’ve been listening to The Lucksmiths all week, so to have Tali White standing a metre away … Continue reading

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The Chapter in Your Life Entitled San Francisco – SOTM January 2010

It seems fitting that SOTM for this month, the first one of a new year is a song that I adore. I mean, that I really really love. Love for the rest of my life love. It’s just one of … Continue reading

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Come for breakfast and stay for beers

My friend Alex and I had our weekly, or bi-weekly, or tri-weekly (depending on how sick we are of each other) date today. We were supposed to be having brunch on Chapel St. Which we did. But it was such … Continue reading

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And we all sing along, and think of things we should’ve done

I had a great new years. We were meant to be going to the beach at Inverloch like we did last year, but someone swooped in there before us and snaffled the place. Boo. So we decided to host it … Continue reading

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2009 Year in Review video

Just a few photos to prove I kept one of my new years resolutions. Soundtrack is ‘All of my Days’ by Alexi Murdoch. Enjoy! – Jen

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My husband, the hoarder

The man just had a meltdown because the ‘good’ vege peeler has gone missing. Of course one of our numerous house guests probably stole it because they wouldn’t be able to afford a $7 peeler. While I was explaining to … Continue reading

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