My husband, the hoarder

The man just had a meltdown because the ‘good’ vege peeler has gone missing. Of course one of our numerous house guests probably stole it because they wouldn’t be able to afford a $7 peeler. While I was explaining to the man that its been missing for a few days and I had just gone back to using the inferior, $2 peeler – he strode up to our bedroom, hunted around in some drawers and came back clutching a brand new, in the packaging $7 peeler.

He is a peeler hoarder.

This leads to me to my next question. What else is he hoarding? Surely not anything useful, like candles or tins of baked beans for an emergency. Probably something like a can opener or a spare stubby holder.

I’m a smart-arse and I’m probably going to get in trouble for this post!

– Jen

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